2015 Awards banquet

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latest highlights

Pilot butte

The EPCCA had another great turn out in Pilot Butte on June 18 & 19.  It rained a little bit during the wagons on Saturday, but not enough to stop the races.  That night though, the rain came down... We woke up to a very windy morning on Sunday with the sun shining & it dried up the track really well before race time.  We got in all the races both days!  Congratulations to Casey Peterson for his show win in the chariots & to Larry Salmond for winning the chuckwagons.

hudson bay

The EPCCA had agreat turn out in Hudson Bay on June 11 & 12 with 19 heats of chariots & 14 heats of chuckwagons.  Rain through the night on Saturday caused us to be unable to run chariots on Sunday, but we were able to run the wagons that night.  Congratulations to Colt Peterson on winning the chuckwagons & to Casey Peterson for winning the chariots.


​The EPCCA had a great turn out at the spring show in Archerwill with 57 chariots & 34 chuckwagons competing.  We had a few new drivers have their debut runs & they all did a great job!  Congratulations to Casey Petersons outfit (driven by Kevin Gareau) for winning the chariots both days & taking home the chariot title & for winning day money in the wagons on night one, also taking home the chuckwagon title.  Congrats to Randy Nordick on his day money run on night two.


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a message from the epcca:

The EPCCA will be at our final show for the season on September 3 & 4 in Sturgis.  

Saturday: Chariots - 2:00pm Chuckwagons - 6:00pm

Sunday: Chariots - 1:00pm  Chuckwagons - 5:00pm

Gymkhana events both days, bouncy castles, kids games, food booth, beer gardens! Look forward to seeing you there!


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thank you to grain millers in yorkton for their Continued donation of flour!

The epcca would like to thank all of our 2016 sponsors